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A quick 101 about our founder!

  • Name Ellen Muthu (Mu-thoo; you can check LinkedIn)

  • Pronouns Ellen's preferred pronouns are she/ her/ hers

  • Ethnicity identifies as mixed Indian, Filipino and British

And a 102, if you're interested?

Third Culture Kid grew up in France & Switzerland, between Evian (yup, the bottled water company!) and Geneva | Polyglot English, French, Spanish - back in the day, her French was better than her English | Consulting background 5 years in Financial Services and Retail Banking | Experience in ERGs Led an ethnicity network until end 2019 | Career pivot Burnout put her on the path to working in E&I full-time and she hasn't looked back since! | Combines education with consulting Your team needs to be equipped for long-term change - cue "Discomfort Journalling", Awareness > Action > Accountability and DIVE.

Reading Material


  • Dismantling systems of oppression

  • Anti-racism and CRT tenets

  • Designing for inclusion and equity

  • Gender parity and gender studies

  • Inclusive mentoring and sponsorship

  • Inclusive leadership coaching

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

  • Cross-cultural communications

  • Recruitment, promotion and retention

  • Pay Gaps and pay transparency

Image by Yasin Yusuf
Tea Cups
Image by Clay Banks


  • Training design & content creation

  • HR and people policy reviews

  • Process de-biasing and (re)design

  • Evaluating your AS-IS state a.k.a. audits

  • Equity & inclusion strategy

  • Best practices for ERG set-ups

  • Best practices for data collection

  • Setting OKRs and measuring change

  • "Brave" and "safe" space facilitation

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