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Equitea & Coffee initially began brewing at the start of 2020, just before the world was turned upside down. Under the strain, companies of all sizes and across all sectors have had a much-needed wake-up call: wellbeing and inclusion are no longer a "nice-to-have", we need to finally recognise that they're business-critical ingredients!


Result? Organisations everywhere are now rushing to infuse their culture, products and services with these values in a meaningful, authentic way. But where to start...


Enter Equitea & Coffee! Here to stave off "diversity fatigue"and equip all of you (individuals and teams alike!) with the appropriate tools for steeping your workplaces in awareness, action and accountability so that we can create truly inclusive environments. Pull up a chair and be ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Kettle's on!




"Your grandparents lived in a production economy, your parents lived in a service economy, and you are living in an identity economy." - Esther Perel in her podcast How's Work


With this in mind, Equity & Coffee's vision is to shape the modern workplace into one of fairness, kindness and empathy where we can show up as our truest selves and celebrate all our identities. With authenticity, we bring our best to work.



Most of us possess privilege in at least one area of our lives, we just need to be taught how to share it with others. No tea is being spilled here when we say that this work needs all of us.


Our mission, therefore, is to equip anyone who's committed to "doing the work" with the tools they need to challenge harmful worldviews and advocate for systemic and personal change.

Tea Layout



Curiosity killed the cat... But satisfaction brought it back:​

  • We're a boutique that aims to be creative, fun and adaptive

  • We believe that equity is the path to achieving equality

  • Tea and coffee are universal symbols of welcome. They're a warm invitation to engaging in transformational work and learn to navigate complex and uncomfortable topics

  • Oh and last but not least, who doesn't love a pun?

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